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EcoMestre is founded by a sister duo, both having a deep-rooted desire to reconnect humans to nature. A few excerpts of their vision: 


"Our passion for sustainability was fueled by a simple but profound realization. Every package and every gift carries a message of love, gratitude, or celebration. By choosing sustainable packaging and thoughtful gifts, we have the power to spread awareness and bring about a positive change for our planet.


Our packaging materials are carefully selected, ensuring they are biodegradable, compostable, or made from recycled materials thereby minimizing our carbon footprint. We source these materials from local artisans and eco-conscious suppliers who share our vision of a greener future. From handcrafted boxes, to reusable fabric pouches, each element is thoughtfully designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia, a connection with nature, and a touch of elegance. But our commitment to sustainability goes beyond materials. We collaborate with passionate artists and artisans who share our values, infusing their creations with love and care. Each gift in our collection is a reflection of their artistic brilliance, and the stories behind these creations are as heartwarming as the smiles they bring to recipients.


As you explore our website, you will not find stock images or salesy language. Instead, we share real, authentic narratives from the hearts of our team, customers, and partners. We believe in the power of personal anecdotes to create genuine connections, fostering a sense of community with those who share our vision for a greener and more sustainable world. 


Together, let's embark on a journey to celebrate the beauty of nature and the joy of giving. Let's make each packaging and gifting experience an opportunity to connect with our roots, savor the simple pleasures, and protect the environment we all call home."


EcoMestre is the dream child of Noopur and Palak Suckhlecha.

Noopur is a registered Architect who attended Carnegie Mellon University in the US. Early exposure to principles of sustainability within design and the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle provided an excellent base and paved way to set the roots for EcoMestre. After gaining a few years of work experience in both New York and Mumbai, Noopur quit her job and embarked on this journey full-time.


Palak, again a designer by passion and profession, attended Pratt Institute in New York where she received her degree in Interior Design. With a few years of experience in New York and Jaipur, Palak not only mastered the world of design but also gained expertise in client relations and communication. 

As children, both Noopur and Palak used to dream of running their own firm together, where they could blend their passions for design and sustainability. Countless late nights were spent scribbling business plans and sketching out their vision. Fast forward to today, and they’re both overwhelmed with joy as they stand beside each other, now business partners, starting their very own sustainable packaging and gifting venture. Their childhood dreams have become a reality, and they couldn't be prouder of this journey and, making a positive impact on the world they both love. 

Co-Founders Image of Sustainable packaging and gifting company


Discover our brand's vision and mission, driven by the pillars of creativity, compassion, community and sustainability, as we strive to shape a brighter future for all."

With varied range of packaging options, we offer creative designs to elevate your brand presence and enhance customers unboxing experience. Ecomestre packaging products are an easy and affordable way to elevate your brand’s shipping and packaging needs.


At Ecomestre, we believe we have a responsibility towards our environment and the people and creatures who inhabit it. Our compassion and passion led us to be at one with nature, to care for the greater good and to contribute to the overall betterment of our mother earth.



Providing affordable and low MOQs for our packaging products, we aim to reach to smaller business communities, so each brand can make a difference.We want to build communities which resonates with our vision, so together we can achieve our environmental goals and also stir a quicker shift to a greener future.



Our sustainable packaging solutions involve reusable, recyclable, recycled, compostable and biodegradable packaging material to choose from. By providing key information, we help you make a sustainable choice for your business while still maintaining your

brand aesthetics.



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